Revamp Existing Website to Increase Conversions

Is your website not getting the expected visitors and anticipated conversions? Are you having to watch your competitors’ sites overtaking yours in user awareness and visibility? Are you tired of not getting better search engine rankings? Then it is time you went for a complete overhaul and renovation of your existing website.

Reasons for going in for Website Redesign

There are a few indicators that show it is time to go in for a total redesign of your website:
  • Taking too long to load
  • Site is outdated – not mobile device-compatible
  • Visitors are not sticking around or converting
  • Search engine ranking is poor
  • Your brand message has been changed
  • Brand has outgrown
  • Smooth content updates are missed

Benefits of Redesigning your Website

Clarity is gained: Over time, many websites get swollen with stuffed content and it becomes necessary to add pages as years pass by – making navigation sometimes unclear and missing proper call to actions. In such cases, redesigning the site projects the appropriate message and actions needed

Conversion Rate Increases: Although increases web traffic is one route to better conversion, the real solution to better sales as well as lead generation is by appropriate redesign and subsequent stronger call to actions

Authoritative Website: Contemporary content and design is what makes visitors decide to hover around for longer – a website that is years old may not be all that alluring to people. It becomes possible to build trust and convert more visitors into customers through a modern and professional website with great visual design

Mobile Device Compatibility: Older websites that have not been optimized for smartphones and mobile devices may be lagging in competitive edge. Redesigning your site to be a responsive version considerably improves your chances of reaching masses

Why Thendral Soft Website Redesign

There has been vast change in user trends and expectations during the recent past. By outsourcing our redesign services, your website will be able to gain a complete revamp that assures a graphic makeover provided with an entirely different approach. We see that your site gets refreshed to realign it with your business’ core values and needs. Thendral Soft has been offering flawless and quick changes that help organization to modify their websites entirely to their advantage.

For transforming your website into more productive and profitable resource, approach us for perfect redesign services.

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